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  • Gratitude Garden

    Practicing gratitude is one of our favorite 'gardening tools' we use at home home. Think of practicing gratitude like a stop sign for negative thoughts- aka our weeds. Growing a Gratitude Garden at home or in the classroom is a wonderful exercise for gardeners of all ages #plantseedsofgratitude Scroll down for our Free Printable Gratitude Flowers DOWNLOAD A PDF OF OUR GRATITUDE FLOWERS BY CLICKING ON THE IMAGE BELOW #plantseedsofgratitude Did you grow your own gratitude garden

  • Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

    Today's new Gratitude Scavenger Hunt 'Gardening Tool' is a fun way for gardeners of all ages to look for and explore feelings of gratitude and help us to stay rooted in a positive, present moment. Scroll down for our Free Printable Gratitude Scavenger Hunt Activity sheet, learn more about how gratitude << CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD A FREE GRATITUDE SCAVENGER HUNT PRINTABLE PDF >> Gratitude Activities Hey gardeners, did you do the Gratitude Scavenger Hunt?

  • Gardener's Fall Gratitude Garden: Free Printable Gratitude Activity For Home or School

    Scroll down to download our Gardener's Fall Gratitude Garden: Free Printable Gratitude Activity Sheet Click The Button Above To Download Your Free Fall Gratitude Activity Sheet Benefits Of Our Gratitude Keep planting those seeds of gratitude gardeners! Download Our Gardener's Fall Gratitude Garden: A Free Printable Gratitude Activity For Home or School <<Click Here >> Hey gardeners, did you our Fall Gratitude Garden Activity?

  • The Season of Gratitude

    It's that time right before the holiday season where we stop and reflect on what we have, show gratitude oil on canvas During this time of year, we look for ways to encourage 'gardeners' of all ages to show gratitude

  • Gratitude Gardens

    If you need a little help looking for the flowers, try making a Gratitude Garden with our signature origami gifs below to learn how to make your tulips: Then, write your 'flowers' on your tulips: And make your #GratitudeGarden Next time you are in a moment of weeds and worry, take a look at your gratitude garden and focus on your We would love to see YOUR gratitude gardens - send pictures to or tag us

  • Cultivate Gratitude

    One of the healthiest emotions 'gardeners' can cultivate is gratitude. By focusing our energy on feelings of gratitude it opens up the possibilities for us to experience higher Today on the #PullYourWeeds® Blog we have come up with 5 Easy Ways To Cultivate Gratitude for gardeners Click Here To Learn How To Make A Gratitude Garden 5 Easy Ways To Cultivate Gratitude #1- Write 5 Thank #4- Volunteer at a local charity or make donations to families in need. #5- Pass the Gratitude around

  • Flooded With Gratitude

    Yes, a waterfall chat is a thing...and yes it feels amazing (scroll down to see)! This week I had my 3rd #PullYourWeeds® Workshops with the 4th graders from the Riverview School in Denville, NJ. There are so many reasons I look forward to these workshops. From the engaging students to the amazing teachers to how fast these kids are taking to gardening. Every month I create a new educational, entertaining and empowering presentation for the classes. Each workshops introduces 2 new 'gardening tools' and fun activities/exercises for students to use to help them proceed confidently and calmly when they encounter stressful/uncomfortable feelings and emotions. >>CLICK THE PHOTO TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE POCKET JOURNALS<< This week the students learned how to make pocket journals to write down mini mantras to keep in their desk, their backpack, pocket or next to their bed. Tiny in size, yet mighty in rewards! The 4th graders also learned how to make the world's longest hopscotch with Gardener Anna & Gardener Aidan. Hopscotch is a wonderful activity that gets kids outside, moving and creative (focusing & enjoying the present moment). >>CLICK THE PHOTO TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE THE WORLD'S LONGEST HOPSCOTCH<< Press Play to watch my waterfall chat with the all virtual 4th grade class in Denville, NJ! Thank you to the Riverview Rockets for #PullingYourWeeds & #PlantingNewSeeds....You are gardeners! I can't wait for next month! Get your school on our schedule and book a #PullYourWeeds Workshop or Assembly today! Click Here to learn more!

  • Fill It With Flowers : A Gratitude Exercise For Gardeners of All Ages

    Hello gardeners, when we are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, exercises that promote gratitude can be , emotional, and physical health: Gratitude helps to cultivate a positive mindset: Engaging in gratitude Gratitude improves relationships: Expressing gratitude towards others can improve relationships as it Gratitude enhances overall well-being: Gardeners who engage in regular gratitude activities tend to experience Cultivate gratitude with our 'Fill It With Flowers Gratitude Exercise'.

  • Helpful Tips To Raise Grateful Gardeners: Cultivating Gratitude For Kids

    Learn how to encourage empathy, practice gratitude, volunteer together, and more. 1. Model/practice gratitude: Children learn by example, so make sure to model gratitude in your own life This can help them develop a sense of gratitude towards life. Model gratitude and appreciation in your own life. Helpful Tips To Raise Grateful Gardeners: Cultivating Gratitude

  • Get Out of the Weeds With Our Grab-n-Go Gratitude Gardening Tool

    practicing gratitude daily can enhance our overall mental well-being. Here is a list of Grab-n-Go Gratitude to help gardeners of all ages. Click Here > Hey gardeners, did you practice our Grab-n-Go Gratitude Exercise? Unearth the power of gratitude with our Grab-n-Go Gratitude Gardening Tool! Shift your focus and nurture positivity with daily gratitude exercises.

  • Count Your Flowers

    Studies show practicing gratitude can lead to more intimate and connected relationships, less depression #CountYourFlowers #WaterYourFlowers #Gratitude

  • Wrapping It Up With Love and Appreciation

    Our mission to empower children, families, and educators with seeds of resilience, mindfulness, gratitude Celebrate the season with You Are a Gardner® as we reflect on a year of growth and gratitude.

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