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Crafting With Confidence 💪

Hello Gardeners!

We love to share activities that evoke creativity and making things by hand, because when you make something from nothing it builds your confidence. Just like your muscles, creativity and imagination are skills that can be improved and strengthened the more you exercise them.

Arts and crafts are all about having fun and can be stress relieving too, but you also are also figuring out how materials work, problem solving, strengthening fine motor skills and transforming ideas to physical things. The social and emotional learning (SEL) benefits are endless! The more you create the more you will find yourself taking on more challenging projects.!

In honor of that, today we have just that - a more challenging craft! This one requires lots of cutting, multiple steps, and a bit of patience, so if you're up for it keep reading to see what you'll need 👇(Adult Supervision Recommended)

M A T E R I A L S:



Newspaper (cut into strips)

Masking tape

Glue + Water mixture (mix 1 tbsp of water with every 3 tbsp of glue)

Decorations (strips of paper, pom-poms, paint, glitter, fabric, etc.)

Watch our #HowTo video to see how to create your perfect letter!

Cardboard letters are one of those things that we see so often, but don't always think to make ourselves. Have fun problem solving creating the letters you wish to make, exercise creative decision-making when choosing how to decorate, and practicing patience when working through each and every step!

Let us know what you think of this #PullYourWeedsApproved craft in the comments below or on our social media pages! Thanks for reading along and happy crafting ✂️🖍️


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