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Dear Me, Love, Me

A huge focus on our platform stems in self-compassion and acknowledging that loving ourselves first, is the foundation on which all other positive and inclusive relationships can be built. Planting the seeds of self-compassion helps us to embrace our own individuality, celebrate our uniqueness and appreciate our own strengths.

One of the core elements when practicing self-compassion is self-kindness vs. self-judgment. Today we are sharing a helpful and positive new 'gardening tool' called Dear Me, Love, Me to help gardeners of all ages embrace self-kindness during times of self-judgement. This particular self-compassion exercise can be very helpful for teen gardeners.

This 2 step activity features fun downloadable Dear Me, Love, Me activity sheets. Scroll down for our self-compassion activities and free PDF downloads.


When it comes to practicing self-compassion some people find it helpful to think of and focus on being kind(er) to to our younger self. This process can help connect you with feelings of when you were younger and how much has grown inside of you since that time frame. It allows you to journey through time and connect with an authentic part of yourself that welcomes kindness and connection.

Part 1: Dear Me, Love, Me Activity

-Write down 5 of your biggest accomplishments that you could go back and tell your younger self about. Think of moments, experiences, skills and milestones that would make your younger self proud. Allow your younger self to feel the reassurance from your presence and appreciate the accomplishments of you. This exercise helps encourage feelings of self-kindness and appreciation of our individuality.

Part 2: Dear Me, Love, Me Activity

-Write down 5 things you LOVE about yourself. Keep this list with you everywhere you go and reference it anytime you find yourself in a moment of self-judgement. Negative self-talk is a common 'weed' for most gardeners. The more we aware of it, the more opportunities we have to replace these thoughts with seeds of self-kindness. It is also helpful to picture talking negatively about yourself to your younger self. This visual image of being unkind to your younger version of you; can be a helpful 'gardening tool' to bring awareness to negative thought patterns and how harmful they can be.

For more gardening tools & self-compassion exercises for kids and adults, Click Here to read our post on how important it is to Be Your Own Bestie!


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