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Get Tangled Up In DIY Dream Catchers

Get Tangled Up In DIY Dream Catchers: Dream catchers are a beautiful and symbolic part of Native American culture. These intricate webs are traditionally made from natural materials like willow hoops, sinew, and feathers. The belief is that the dreamcatcher would capture bad dreams, allowing only positive dreams to pass through, ensuring a restful night's sleep.They are said to have originated with the Ojibwe people, but have since been adopted by other tribes and have become popular decorative items around the world.

Crafting dream catchers has been a popular craft activity for many years but that's not the only reason to get tangled up in this awesome activity. Creating DIY Dream Catchers can also have a peaceful and calming effect on gardeners of all ages. Today Gardener Kelsey is going to teach us how to make our very own Dream Catchers to help us all have sweet and flowery dreams.

Scroll down to watch the step- by-step tutorial and scroll all the way down to download your Gardening Tool badge for this activity!


Why Dream Catchers are the Ultimate Craft Project & a Great Gardening Tool:

  • Creativity: Making a dream catcher allows gardeners to express their creativity by choosing their own colors, patterns, and decorations. This can help boost confidence and sense of accomplishment.

  • Mindfulness: Creating a dream catcher requires focus and attention to detail, which can help develop mindfulness and concentration skills. This can also be a great stress-relieving activity for gardeners of all ages.

  • Cultural significance: Dream catchers have Native American origins and are often seen as a symbol of protection and positivity. By making your own dream catcher, gardeners can learn about the cultural significance of this craft and gain a deeper appreciation for it.

  • DIY satisfaction: There's something satisfying about creating something with your own hands. Making a dream catcher allows us to experience this sense of pride and accomplishment, which can help boost self-esteem.

  • Decorative addition: Once the dream catcher is complete, it can be hung up in a bedroom as a decorative accessory around your classroom or home. It can serve as a reminder of creativity and mindfulness, and can also bring a sense of calmness to the room.

easy dream catcher tutorial for children

Making a dream catcher is a fun and rewarding activity to do at home and/or in school to promote creativity, mindfulness, and cultural appreciation.

watercolor painting fox sleeping under stars

We love this page from our You Are a Gardener® children's book. The way the lavender frames the fox is so sweet and nurturing.


diy dream catchers badge

Hey gardeners, did you make your own Dream Catcher? If so, congratulations, you just earned yourself the 'DIY Dream catcher ' Gardening Tool Badge'!

--> Click the badge to download a pdf sticker for your Gardening Tool Badge Collector Sheet!


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Get Tangled Up In DIY Dream Catchers


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