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Get Your Gardening Tool Badges

Here's a fun gardening fact...every #PullYourWeeds® workshop introduces children to 1-2 new 'gardening tools' for kids to use when they encounter uncomfortable feelings and emotions. As gardeners there are so many tools available to help us proceed confidently and calmly!

Check out some of our favorite 'Gardening Tools' (exercises & activities to to help redirect their thoughts from negative to positive) that we introduce in our #PullYourWeeds Programs.

  1. Introduce kids to the You Are a Gardener® vocabulary: flowers, weeds, seeds.

  2. #PullYour Weeds®-the most important gardening tool of all-talking about your uncomfortable feelings & emotions with a trusted source.

  3. Origami foxes-origami is a wonderful way to redirect thoughts to the present moment by creating an object from only 1 sheet of square paper.

  4.,1-a wonderful grounding exercise to help your mind stop wandering to the weeds and get you back to your flowers.

  5. Pocket Journals-tiny in size, yet mighty in reward. Writing mini mantras to yourself is a wonderful positive affirmation tool.

  6. World's Longest Hopscotch-Outdoor activities that get kids, creating, moving and having fun is a wonderful tool to encourage gardeners to stay on the bright side.

Would you like to start earning some gardening tool badges? We would love to get you enrolled in the program! Click here for more information on how to get started!


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