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Getting The Band Back Together

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

With a couple of weeks of back-to-school 2020 under our belts, our kids deserve a big round of applause! Rising to new responsibilities takes a lot of courage (especially when it requires you to wear a mask). From in-school, to local learning pods, to google classrooms, the efforts these kids are making are remarkable!

After being disconnected from their teachers and classmates for so long some kids are finding it a little hard to get back into the groove. Here are some of their common concerns and what we can do to help them make this school year rock!

In-School Student Challenges:

"There are a lot of new rules to remember."

In efforts to keep kids safe, schools have had to implement tremendous amounts of safety precautions in a very short amount of time, and getting used to new protocols takes time. It is important that kids are aware of what is expected of them and equally as important to know how to be patient with themselves. These new rules are new for everyone. After a little bit of time and consistency they will become more routine than rule.

"It's hard to read my teachers facial expressions."

Regardless of if a person is wearing a mask or not, most emotions read from facial expressions happen above the nose. In most cases, you don't need to see someones mouth to gauge how they are feeling. This is also a wonderful opportunity to remind kids to use and trust their own 'moral compass'; to help guide them through what feels right and wrong in their everyday experiences.

"I get a headache wearing my mask that long."

Most schools have implemented mask breaks for students and teachers. It is helpful for children to take advantage of this time and take some deep breaths. Check out last week's post for an easy breathing exercises for kids to do anywhere, anytime! Click Here