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Growing Strong: You Are a Gardener® Turns 6

you are a gardener celebrates 6 years

Growing Strong: You Are a Gardener Turns 6

It all started six years ago when our family planted a tiny seed - You Are a Gardener®. As a grassroots and self-funded organization, we have since blossomed into a platform dedicated to empowering children, families, and educators alike. Our mission is to empower gardeners of all ages with a vocabulary, mindset, and tools rooted in gardening concepts, to help build a resilient generation of future gardeners.

pictures of you are a gardener book being created

We are grateful for every accomplishment and especially for connecting with over 10,000 students over the last 6 years. Thank you to all our gardener friends and family for supporting us on our journey. We look forward to much continued growth!

shanna truffini and kids at njmac

At the root of it all, You Are a Gardener® was written for and inspired by Gardener Anna and Gardener Aidan when they were 7 and 5 years old. It was created as a tool for our family to find healthy ways to manage stress, while staying rooted in joy and gratitude. If you have met these two, you know. They are the true definition of gardeners; open, honest, kind, communicative, confident, resilient, inclusive, grateful, and so much more.

By using our gardening vocabulary and tools, our family was able to keep the lines of communication open daily, manage big emotions in a healthy way, and develop positive strategies to grow through challenging situations. Anna and Aidan's eagerness, hard work, and enthusiasm played a major role in the triumph of our company and are still growing strong today.

first episode of hello gardeners

sketches for you are a gardener book

Photos from 2017 during the concept to creation process of You Are a Gardener®

Growing Strong: You Are a Gardener Turns 6


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