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Homemade & From the Heart

Updated: May 8, 2020

Hello Gardeners!

We may be losing track of what day it is, but we certainly cannot forget that Mother's Day is coming up! And because this Spring has been *slightly* different than years previous, let's make it as special as we possibly can! Whether you are celebrating Mom, Grandma, or a maternal figure in your life - there are so many ways to honor the women we love.


Start with a homemade card.

Here is a fool-proof, flower stamp card!

All you'll need is:

A straw or piece of string (or something similar!)


Tissue paper



First, cut your cardboard piece in half. Next, tape your straw or string onto one piece of your cardboard so that it resembles a flower stem. On the other piece of cardboard, tape small pieces of paper so that it forms a textured circle.

Then, paint your "stem" green and stamp on a folded piece of paper. After that, dip or paint your textured tissue paper circle in a bright color of paint and stamp that piece on the top of the stem.