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Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog...

For Aidan's summer reading his non-fiction book of choice was AC/DC An Unauthorized Rockography by Heather Miller. It was a real pleasure to read this book along with him, as it was extremely insightful to learn about the history of rock and the culture that inspired/created it.

One particular passage in the book talks about how "after a decade of turmoil in the 1960s, the 70s brought with it a focus on personal pleasures...many people were simply tired of the stress of war and were anxious to feel good again."

I am hopeful that our society is also at a similar point. Maybe we are also getting tired of all the stress and negative emotions surrounding us...and maybe, just maybe, it's our time to 'feel good again'.

Children are constantly taking cues from their parents, teachers and authority figures. In times of stress and uncertainty,

it is up to us to lead by example. If we want to feel joy then we need to create more joy.

According to, the famous hit song Joy to the World by Three Dog Night was written by Hoyt Axton. He had originally wrote the song anticipating it to be on a television special to promote peace and harmony in the world, but he had only written the first verse and the chorus. When his TV opportunity did not manifest, he eventually sold his song to Three Dog Night, and they filled in the rest of the lyrics.

The song came out in 1971 just as the country was starting to embrace a new 'feel good' attitude. The chorus was catchy and the words rang true. (photo courtesy of Joan Marie Photography)

Fast forward to 2020...when our world could definitely use more joy. Let us fill this younger generation with hope, excitement, pride, peace, love and acceptance starting now. Joy starts with you and me. From the conversations we have with our families and friends, to what we choose to post on social media, to the energy we put out there with our everyday encounters, let joy be at the root of it all and let's make this our time to 'feel good again".

Joy to you and me,


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