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Kids Day In | #SELatHome

Hello Gardeners!

Whether you are stuck inside from a rainy day or housebound due to a snowstorm, there are a countless ways to have fun and expand your social and emotional skills. Let's look at a few ways to turn your boring day-in into an adventure!

Pull out some hula hoops, cones, cardboard boxes, jump ropes - whatever you have - and create an indoor obstacle course. Maybe you imagine a room full of lava that you need to cross over or maybe you are weaving your way through a thick forest. Obstacle courses are a great way to flex your creative muscles and your imagination. Working on these skills helps you with your ability to problem solve and come up with creative solutions!

Use painter's tape for endless activities! Whether you are making a race track for your cars, turning your kitchen into a hopscotch course, or creating a custom Twister board - you can always get creative with painter's tape - and leave no trace! Using materials to turn ideas into realities is a great way to work on executing your goals and being proactive.

Pretend to be spies with this Hallway Laser Maze courtesy of It's Always Autumn! It not only helps kids work on awareness of their bodies and balance, but gets them up and moving!

All you need is some tape and a roll of streamers!

When in doubt - you can always reach for your art materials, a board game, tackle a home project with a parent or sibling, or maybe try cooking or baking something new!

Next time you are stuck inside all day, give one of these activities a try! It's a great way to encourage creativity and imagination, while also decreasing screen time! Let us know how you spend you #DayIn in the comments below - and don't forget to #PullYourWeeds!


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