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Meet #GardenerDevin | #PullYourWeeds Crafter

Hello Gardeners!

This week we are introducing you to another member of the Gardening Team, crafter extraordinaire - Devin DeLaney. When the #PullYourWeeds blog launched, Devin came aboard to create crafts, breathing exercises, DIY tricks, classroom hacks, fun activities and more! Devin fills the blog with tons of resources for educators and families looking to embrace the 'gardening' lifestyle to share with their kids.

Devin is a visual artist creating artwork through projects like Piece. and ifé jewelry, but her passion is helping kids explore their creativity through visual art and using art as a tool for mindfulness. She currently spreading seeds in an assisted living facility for kids doing activities!

☝️☝️These are some of Devin's favorite crafts and activities ☝️☝️

We've come such a long way since the early days of the blog - trying to make our own graphics, use our own images, and specify crafts so they are #PullYourWeedsApproved!

You may remember Devin from the art episode of #HelloGardeners

But most recently, you can find her in Session 4 of #CampHelloGardeners where she shows us how to make a custom picture frame with materials you can find around the house!

Thanks Gardener Devin for helping spread seeds of creativity! If you'd like to learn more about Devin, you can follow @ife_jewelry or @shopyourpiece on Instagram!


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