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New Year, New Edition

The Second Edition of You Are a Gardener® is finally here! Making a 2nd Edition of our book has been on our vision board for quite some time and now we can actually hold it in our hands. (You can hold it in your hands too by clicking here).

Over the years our voice, vocabulary and mindset has gotten significantly stronger and much more defined. We really wanted this to shine through in the new book. There are several literal changes, new illustrations (by our very own talented Illustrator Kelsey Jordan) and we even added a few surprises at the end.

The Second Edition of our You Are a Gardener® children's book is now available to purchase! We have officially retired the First Edition...but keep those copies, you know what they say about First Editions 😄

We can't wait to hear your feedback! Email us at and tell us what you think...we also love seeing your photos with our book too😉😉!

Tag Us @youareagardener and use #pullyourweeds


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