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Paper Bag Kites!

Hello Gardeners!

Around here, we have been trying to soak up all the sunshine we can! With all the beautiful weather we have been having it is the perfect opportunity to do some outdoor crafts, outdoor learning, and nature excursions! We would love to hear how you are spending time outdoors - let us know in the comments below 👇👇

Today we have another craft to get you outside enjoying the fresh air - it's our Paper Bag Kite craft! Kites can mean hours of fun whether you bring them to the park on a sunny day, or fly them during a walk around the block, there is something about feeling the wind whip around that gives us so much joy!

Here is what you'll need:

Paper lunch bag

Tissue paper



Tape and/or glue

Popsicle stick (or something similar)

First, poke a small hole in what would normally be the base of your paper bag. Next, take your string and tie a knot around your popsicle stick. I didn't have a popsicle stick so anything that is shaped similarly and lightweight will work! This is just to prevent your string from slipping out of your bag. Then, tape the tied string to your popsicle stick, ensuring the string is centered. Feed your string through the hole so that the popsicle stick end in on the inside of the bag.

Now it's time to start decorating! You can really use whatever you'd like to decorate - washi tape, stickers, paint - just be sure that everything dries before your try to fly your kite (especially glue!) Next, cut strips of your tissue paper and glue or tape them to the bottom inside of your kite.

Last but not least... go out and enjoy! You can alwasy use another popsicle stick at the end of your string to keep a better grasp when flying your kite.


This craft is #PullYourWeeds approved because it:

  • is another fun activity you can do and enjoy outdoors!

  • allows for creative expression! Open-ended crafts like this really give kids creative control.

  • pairs well with a physical activity. If everyone's been kind of idle in your house, it's the perfect craft to get them running and active all day long!


Thanks for reading along today, gardeners! Remember, #TheFutureIsBright!


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