Plant-astic Bulletin Boards!

Updated: Sep 6

PSA For Teachers: Updated Summer 2022

Hey teachers we hear you! During the 2021/2022 school year, many of the teachers we work with would have to create their own weekly Social Emotional Learning (SEL) strategies for their class which was often time consuming. Many pre-existing SEL programs no longer fit the mold for classrooms that are now more digital. Teachers are having to do more work to make SEL work for their students. Now more than ever, we recognize how important it is to be consistent with SEL in the classroom and how making it is easy on teachers is a key to this success.

That's why this summer we have been working behind the scenes to create our brand new #PullYourWeeds® One-Click SEL Program for educators . This service allows teachers access to grab and go resources to meet your school's weekly SEL needs via a private web link for your school. This one-stop SEL shop features everything a classroom needs to support a successful and thriving environment, from games & activities, morning meetings, pre-recorded workshop videos, crafts, mindfulness and grounding exercises, visual aids for their classroom and more! All materials are rooted in the You Are a Gardener® mindset and foundation of our platform. It's all about turning weeds into seeds. Let's work together and dig into raising a new generation of emotionally empowered kids. >> Book a 15 minute demo today and let's grow! Send us an email to --> or click here to contact us today!


Plant-astic Bulletin Boards

If you are an educator, you know how important those classroom and hallway bulletin boards are. They boost morale, add color and cheer to the learning environment, represent your classroom, and share information with the larger school community. If you are looking to introduce or encourage gardening in your school or classroom, we've compiled some really amazing and plant-astic bulletin boards and some helpful tips to help you conquer those boards with confidence and creativity!


I M A G E S :

Blooming Flowers door

Planting Seeds of Kindness

Let's Root for Each Other (Jamie Estenfelder)

Blooming With Kindness

Looks Who's Blooming

Involve the larger school community by making an interactive bulletin boards. Black paper can make a wonderful faux chalkboard, staple a plastic or paper cup to fill with the writing utensils of your choice, and there you go! Easy, interactive bulletin board!

I M A G E S :

Back to School and Ready to Grow

Today I'm Grateful For...

At Our School We Stick Together

I Couldn't Pick A Sharper Bunch

Tiny Seeds Grow Mighty Trees

Never Stop Growing

When We Learn We Grow!

Sprinkled With Love, Watch Us Grow

T I P S & T R I C K S :

Sometimes coming up with new bulletin boards can be a big undertaking. With the size and shape - it can be a little unwieldy to roll out the paper and make your board look neat. We've got a few tips and tricks to make that process a little easier!

Gather more than enough paper. Bulletin boards automatically look neater when there isn't a patchwork of randomly cut paper. Most bulletin boards can be covered using 2 pieces of big roll paper. Re-roll the paper that you took and unroll as you staple to the board. It keeps the paper in a more manageable state where it's less likely to crease, rip, fall, etc.

If you're running low on paper, go simple! Use the raw cork board to your advantage. Don't have a big roll of paper? Utilize small paper and create a background that's multicolored, checkerboard, tiled - the possibilities are endless!

Hide your cut edges. Cutting paper in a straight line is tougher than it looks! Utilize the perfectly straight edges of the paper to your benefit. Tuck any cut edges under the pristine edge - leaving you with a clean, finished look! Border is also a great way to finish your boards! It covers any rough edges and adds an extra splash of color to your design. Pro tip: keep your used border! It may have some staple holes, but will hold up for more than just one use!

Out of border? No problem! This is a great resource for border alternatives.

Lay out your lettering. Often times, people want to staple everything on immediately! Take a couple extra minutes to lay out your letters and figure out what arrangement looks best.

Get your students involved. This seems like a given, but often the best decorations are made by your students! Design your boards around the work that they are creating - it's a great way to showcase their creativity and represent your classroom!


What are your tips and tricks of the trade? Drop us a line by tagging us in your photos or sending them right to our inbox!

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