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Plant-astic Bulletin Boards!

Updated: 6 days ago

Hello Educators!

You Are A Gardener® started as a small seed in 2017. Since then, we have taken root and grown faster than we could have ever imagined! What started out as a children’s book and a way to encourage open communication between parent, teacher, and child, has now grown into an entire social-emotional learning (SEL) platform dedicated to empowering kids with a vocabulary, mindset and tools to help them grow forward feeling confident and calm! Check out our fun web video series, our #PullYourWeeds Blog, and innovative Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) assemblies, workshops and teacher programs all rooted in planting SEL seeds at home and in school. Keeping that line of communication open is key!

-->We also love anything rooted in gardening...Scroll down for Plant-astic Bulletin Board Ideas

As SEL advocates we have all sorts of programs for children, families, teachers and groups and love to do in-person assemblies and workshops at schools!

Have your students start earning their gardening tool badges today! Click the arrow to download your free printable collector sheet and pick an SEL activity that you want your class to explore!

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Plant-astic Bulletin Boards

If you are an educator, you know how important those classroom and hallway bulletin boards are. They boost morale, add color and cheer to the learning environment, represent your classroom, and share information with the larger school community. If you are looking to introduce or encourage gardening in your school or classroom, we've compiled some really amazing and plant-astic bulletin boards and some helpful tips to help you conquer those boards with confidence and creativity!