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Plant #SEL Seeds in Your Classroom

Hello Educators!!

You Are A Gardener® started as a small seed in 2017. Since then, we have taken root and grown faster than we could have ever imagined! What started out as a children’s book and a way to encourage open communication between parent, teacher, and child, has now grown into an entire social-emotional learning (SEL) platform dedicated to empowering kids with a vocabulary, mindset and tools to help them grow forward feeling confident and calm! Check out our fun web video series, our #PullYourWeeds Blog, and innovative Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) assemblies, workshops and teacher programs all rooted in planting SEL seeds at home and in school. Keeping that line of communication open is key!

As SEL advocates we have all sorts of programs for children, families, teachers and groups. Click the link below to learn more.

social and emotional learning activities to do in the classroom.

Have your students start earning their gardening tool badges today! Click the arrow to download your free printable collector sheet, pick an SEL activity that you want your class to explore & dig in!

*Don't forget to download the Free Gardening Tool Badge Collectors Sheet!

Whether you are in school or homeschooling this year, we would like to treat all our gardener friends to a FREE You Are a Gardener® Back to School SEL Activity Pack to help you plant some positive seeds for the upcoming school year!

free sel activity pack for teachers


Why is SEL so important to teach in school?

Successful SEL programs help develop and nurture skills in these 5 areas:

Research indicates that students receiving quality SEL instruction demonstrated better academic performance, improved attitudes and behaviors, fewer discipline issues, and reduced emotional distress. When young gardeners can manage their feelings and emotions, they are better equipped to handle the day-to-day!

Start planting SEL seeds in your class...Get a signed copy of our book for your classroom today!

Free gardener giveaways with every purchase!

Over the last few years, we have spread our seeds at so many great schools, new networks of educators, and eager students. Take a look below to see photos from past assemblies, workshops and seed-spreading experiences!

Our workshops are not just for students, but also for educators and parents. Learning doesn’t have to stop when we leave the classroom. When parents & teachers embrace the You Are a Gardener® vocabulary, mindset and gardening tools on a consistent basis it helps nurture the program and lets it take root in each and every 'gardener'!

sel assembly elementary schools in nj

So who's ready to dig in? Let's Grow!


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