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Riverview In Review

This month wraps up the fourth #PullYourWeeds® Workshops with the 4th graders from the Riverview School in Denville, NJ. Interacting and connecting with the students and teachers has been extremely rewarding and incredibly inspiring. Each month a new Social Emotional Learning (SEL) workshop for the students was created and presented in a google slide show. All media and designs were branded with our signature fox, fun elements and colors!

In this 4th workshop at the Riverview School the students were presented with a fun recap of the You Are a Gardener® mindset, a 'Weeds to Seeds' story from a 12 year old who felt left out by her classmates at school, they learned 3 kid-friendly deep breathing exercises and were delighted with a pre-recorded guided drawing with our Illustrator. All students received a You Are a Gardener® Certificate of Completion as well as some fun resources for the classroom!

The Virtual 30 Minute #PullYourWeeds® Presentations Include:

-A "Gardener Recap" to encourage the students to feel confident with the vocabulary and mindset of the program. Consistency is key!

-A 'Weeds to Seeds' story from a 'Peer Gardener". This interactive process builds conflict/resolution skills, encourages empathy and creates an open communication with a cognitive thinking process.

-Introduce students to 2-3 new 'Gardening Tools'. These life skills/tools are rooted in self-compassion, mindfulness, growth mindset, confidence building, positive thinking and self-control.

Introducing the #PullYourWeeds® Program to your students on a monthly basis is where the real benefits of the program take root! Classroom resources are provided to teachers to keep the program running all month long until the next workshop. Get your school on our schedule today. we only have a few spaces left for live workshops!

Here are some of the Gardening Tool Badges The Students at Riverview School Earned!

If you would like to learn more about planting some positive SEL roots at your school with our #PullYourWeeds® Program please email us at

Let's get your students to start earning some You Are a Gardener® Badges!


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