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School Spotlight: Oak Street School

school spotlight oak street school basking ridge

We recently had the pleasure of presenting our #PullYourWeeds® Assembly to the 419 students at Oak Street Elementary School, and it was such an amazing experience.

There was such a strong sense of school spirit in the air (it was crazy sock day too) which made the assembly all the more enjoyable.

The staff of Oak Street was incredibly welcoming, supportive and kind, and the students were highly engaged and participatory.

The students at Oak Street School are some of the most respectful, kind and engaging groups we have worked with. They are a true reflection of the wonderful culture the school's administration is nurturing. It is always so refreshing to see a community as connected as Oak Street (it starts from the top)!

Without a doubt, the auditorium at Oak Street School is the most stunning and impressive venue we've ever performed at. A fun fact about Oak St. is that Meryl Street had attended the school when she was younger and had performed on the same stage as our #PullYourWeeds® assembly.

Overall, the message of our program was extremely well received by the students and we know 'growing' forward all 419 children know the power of the words flowers, weeds and seeds!

We would like to extend a special thank you to Principal Foley and Assistant Principal Mr. Thorp for their warm introductions and gracious applause. We also want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Linda Ingling, the school's secretary, for her outstanding coordination of the event.

Thank Oak Street are gardeners! We can't wait to see where you 'grow'!

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