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School Spotlight: Riverview Elementary Part 1

The seeds for the Riverview School were planted many years ago when I met Kimberly Corvino long before You Are a Gardener® was even a seed. We have collaborated on multiple projects over the years in our careers and needless to say, our paths have always intertwined and still continue to blossom. Ms. Corvino is a 4th Grade Teacher at the Riverview School in Denville, NJ and has always been rooting for us. It is people like her that have helped us get to where we are now and where we are growing.

Photo of Shanna Truffini & Kimberly Corvino
Shanna Truffini of You Are a Gardener® & Ms. Kimberly Corvino 4th Grade Teacher at Riverview

It was so exciting to present the #PullYourWeeds® Program to the entire student body at the Riverview Elementary School with two back to back assemblies last week. There was such a strong sense of community, respect and appreciation among the staff and students. The programs were kicked off with a warm and welcoming introduction from Riverview's Principal, Ms. Theodoropoulos. Her beautiful remarks to the children are wonderful insight to how deeply connected their school is.

"Most of you know that I have 3 kids at home, but what you may not know is that I actually have 463 kids. I go home every night and think about each and everyone of you and want nothing more than you all to have a positive and happy life." ~Ms. Theodoropoulos,

It is always so encouraging to see the strong bonds between a school's administration and the students. It sets an overall tone for the success of their community and the Riverview School is a shining example of this!

Both assemblies were an incredible success and all 463 students were extremely enthusiastic, excellent participants and are all now Official, Certified Gardeners!

"I am beyond impressed with the book, your children's videos, and the overall "You are a Gardener" metaphor! I love thinking about the negative things that affect us as weeds and all of the positives as flowers. Thank you again for sharing your amazing presentation with all of us at Riverview!"

~Ms. Larissa Smith Grade 4 Resource Room Teacher

We also want to send out a HUGE thank you to Vanessa Espinosa, a parent at Riverview who advocated to get our programs in the school...You are a gardener Vanessa, thank you for helping us plant some seeds!

The school's Librarian, Ms. Jamison & the students created this beautiful Gardener Mural that created a lovely backdrop for the assembly. She had all the students in the school sign the flowers, which also represents their incredibly strong sense of community and connectedness!

There are also some other exciting seeds sprouting at the Riverview School thanks to their school's Librarian, Rachel Jamison...but you will have to stay tuned to next week's #PullYourWeeds® posts to learn more!

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