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Spring Chickens

Who's ready for an eggcellent spring craft? We had so much fun making these peek-a-boo baby chicks. All you need is construction paper or card stock , scissors, clothespins and glue! If you celebrate Easter, these would make adorable place settings!

Scroll down for step-by-step instructions for this easy springtime craft...

Gardener Aidan LOVES creating things and DIY projects.

He cracked up making this eggcellent craft!

-Use a small piece paper to cut out an oval shape.

-Draw a zigzag on the back and then cut the zigzag pattern.

-Glue a clothespin to the cutout egg (only use a tiny bit-a small tape rolled up could work too).

-Cut out a tiny chick and draw a face on it.

-Glue or tape the chick to the back of the clothes pin.

Gardeners Tip: You don't need a lot of glue, too much can cause the clothespin to get stuck.

Hey Gardeners...did you know that crafts and DIY projects are 'gardening tools'? Anytime you are using your mind to create something fun and delightful, you are keeping yourself on a positive path and making something fun like these spring chickens helps you to plant new seeds and stay out of the weeds. Learn more about gardening tools....Click Here!


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