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Sprouting Seeds

This book right here has sprouted big time 😎 When I planted this seed not even 3 years ago it was in efforts to help Anna (when she was 7) manage her enormously big emotions that were causing her to ‘water her weeds’ instead of her flowers. When we stared to ‘garden’ everyday and “pull our weeds” (talking about her negative feelings and encounters) Anna started to brighten. She felt empowered with the conversations and positive solutions on how to address her emotions. This was why I chose to self-publish You Are a Gardener. I knew if it could help our family then why not share it with others. Everything we do, all the content we create, the programs we build are all rooted in raising a new generation of emotionally empowered kids. Camp Hello Gardeners is our newest adventure to (virtually) reach out and connect with kids and delight them with positive content to encourage them to learn new skills, stay active and most importantly have fun! Joyful content and positive screen time for kids is needed now more than ever.

Camp Hello Gardeners® is a series of pre-recorded videos that feel like you are actually at camp. Kids ages 4-12 will enjoy a variety of activities & learn new skills to keep them active and engaged all summer long! Featuring Gardener Anna & Gardener Aidan from the hit video series Hello Gardeners 🌼 Sign up today and let's grow!


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