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Stay Rooted In Tradition

Hello Gardeners!

In our last post, we talked about Small Celebrations and how we were going to keep traditions alive by making Thanksgiving place cards and sending them to those with whom we normally celebrate. Well - that gave us another idea! For those of us hoping to connect virtually with family over the Thanksgiving holiday, why not send them a Thanksgiving package so we can all celebrate together?

You can fill your package with anything meaningful to your family - recipes, games, decorations. We've got some ideas to make this Thanksgiving feel just as, if not more, special thank any before!

First, lets start with a craft that can serve as a napkin ring OR a place card holder. Check out this gobble-stopping, turkey-tastic craft!

Here is what you'll need:

1 paper towel / toilet paper tube cute into a 3" long piece

Red and orange construction paper

Googly eyes




First, cut your tube so it is roughly 3 inches in length and cut small strips of the red and orange paper. Take one strip of paper at a time and bend each in half so it creates a tear drop shape. After you make a few of these shapes, staple them to one side of your tube's openings.

Once you have all of the "feathers" in place, glue your googly eyes to the front of the tube. Cut a small triangle from the orange paper to make the beak and glue beneath the eyes. If you are making this into a place card holder, take your scissors and make a small cut on opposite sites of the tube opening to hold your place card. If you are just using as a napkin holder, you can skip this last step!

Then you are ready to set your Thanksgiving table! These Turkey Place Card Holders / Napkin Rings would make a wonderful addition to our Thanksgiving packages, don't you think?


To make your Thanksgiving package, gather notes, handwritten recipes, turkey place cards, physical video chat invitations, our Sweet & Salty Cornucopias, thankful cards, and holiday games and place them in a padded mailer. Address to each of your family members and instruct them to open on Thanksgiving day. This way, everyone can feel like they are a part of the same table!

How are you keeping your holiday traditions alive this year? Let us know in the comments below and remember gardeners, #TheFutureIsBright!

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