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Take Some Time to Unwind

Hello Gardeners!

Our lives are so full of activities, hobbies, responsibilities, and other time consuming things. Taking time to relax and unwind can not only decrease stress & anxiety, but it can improve your mood, clear your head, and allow you to enjoy more of the activities you do.

Sometimes, we even find ourselves so overwhelmed and antsy, that it is essential to take a minute to calm down. Whether it's because of a big test, something that's causing us stress at home, a fight with a friend that has us worked up, or something else - there are so many techniques we can use or offer to fellow gardeners in distress to help them calm down.


We can all benefit from taking a few minutes to focus on our breath and release some tension. Try one of our mindfulness techniques here, or find a short guided meditation online!

Do a 5-minute freestyle

If you notice a handful of your students getting antsy take 5 minutes to have a freestyle dance party. Combining the element of surprise with getting everyone up and moving will help your students get the ants out of their pants and focus once they sit back down.

Create a calm corner

Dedicate a corner of you home or classroom to relaxation. Maybe use a tent or cover of some sort to dim the lighting, provide lots of pillows and comforting objects, some water, some paper for doodling, or books to read. If you notice a child in your class acting up - offer them a few minutes in the calm corner to recharge.

Create a shower fizzer

Watch Leah, owner of Homemade Happiness by Leah, and the gardeners make therapeutic shower fizzers! Start at 3:12!

Take a walk outside

Sometimes we just need a few minutes of fresh air and a change of scenery to change our mood. Walking gets our blood pumping and increases our heart rate which helps relieve stress as well!

Do some #GardenerYoga!

Watch #GardenerAnna demonstrate some stress-relieving poses.

There are so many things you can do to get your heart pumping, clear your head, and change your mood. Be sure to check out our previous blog post "Get Moving!" for a quick and easy workout that you can also do in your classroom!

We have so much beneficial information in our blogs, we encourage you to take a look through our past posts. You can find crafts, recipes, and techniques that are perfect for home and school! Thanks for tuning in gardeners and remember, #PullYourWeeds!


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