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The Top 10 Benefits Of The #PullYourWeeds® SEL Programs: Assemblies, Workshops & Teacher PD

Our #PullYourWeeds® SEL assemblies, workshops and professional development (PD) for teachers is a wonderful way to plant some healthy SEL seeds at your school all year round! Scroll down and dig into the The Top 10 Benefits Of The #PullYourWeeds® SEL Services & Programs!

top 10 benefits of sel programs

The Top 10 Benefits of the #PullYourWeeds® SEL Services & Programs

(Assemblies, Workshops, Teacher Programs)

1 Keeps the lines of communication open

2 Encourages self-regulation skills 3 Explores new coping strategies 4 Cultivates empathy & kindness 5 Nurtures self-confidence 6 Increases self-awareness 7 Teaches problem solving skills 8 Promotes healthy decision making 9 Improves relationship skills 10 Builds a positive SEL foundation

Are you looking for more information on our elementary school assemblies and workshops? Click Here to read more!

sel assemblies and workshops for schools in new jersey

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