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The Value of Sharing

Hi Gardeners! Today we are going to talk about #sharing. We all know that sharing is good and we should do it as much as we can, but sometimes sharing is easier said than done. Let’s remember Mason’s weed from Episode 2 of #HelloGardeners, he wrote:

A few great suggestions #GardenerAnna & #GardenerAidan gave us were to:

1. Request some solo play time

2. Show your siblings and friends how to play nicely with fragile toys

3. When in doubt - take a deep breath and practice patience.

Sharing doesn’t just apply to toys and other objects - it applies to time, friendships, space, and many other things. A word we’ve talked about before comes to mind - EMPATHY! Remember empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. Empathy lies at the root of why we share - being sensitive to others needs and including others in group activities.

For our teacher friends out there, try only putting one of each color marker out on the table for two or three students to share. It requires that students wait their turn for the color they’d like to use and need to ask politely if they can use that color when their classmate is finished. It’s little exercises like that that end up teaching the biggest lessons!

Remember our visit to Long Hill Montessori? We loved observing all of the young gardeners sharing their school supplies and their space!

Thanks for reading along today gardeners! Still don't have our book? No problem! Follow the link to grab a copy of your own here.


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