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Tugging On The Roots Of Fear

Hello Gardeners! Today we are going to talk about something that EVERY gardener struggles with - fear. Fears can be big or small, silly & strange, or things that can immobilize us and make us feel alone. Those weeds that are especially hard to pull are most likely rooted with some sort of fear - fear of being judged, fear of being alone, fear of asking for help. Just know that every single one of us deals with this and you are not alone! In fact, talking about your fears might actually make them impact us a little less!!

Who remembers the name of the flower that grew from Episode 8?

Let’s look back to our October Episode of #HelloGardeners (Ep. 8) where #GardenerAnna and #GardenerAidan get a phone call from a very scared gardener. He tells the gardeners that he’s afraid of little kids and therefore is dreading Halloween night when he’ll have to greet them Trick-or-Treating! Here are a few tips we gave him:

1. Share your fear with someone you trust - like #GardenerAnna and #GardenerAidan always say, the best way to pull a weed is by talking about it

2. By talking about your fears with a friend, you never know - they may share it! It’s a lot easier to conquer a fear or at least put it at a distance if you can go through that experience with someone by your side.

3. Even though it can be scary to try to make new friends and put yourself out there, it could lead to a beautiful friendship! Having supportive people around us helps to make us feel less alone.

If you find yourself in a moment of fear or anxiety, here is a little mindfulness technique that will help you catch your breath and calm down a bit. All you need to remember is S-T-O-P.

S - Stop, slow down

T - Take some deep breaths, release the tension and negativity with each exhale

O - Observe your body, feel how it calms down with your breath

P - Proceed with what you were doing

If you are comfortable with sharing a fear that is making it hard to #PullYourWeeds, let us help! Shoot us an email at and we will give you some tips to help pull your weed.

Thanks for reading along and feel free to rewatch Episode 8 or any of our other episodes here!


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