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Updated: Feb 10

Overcome those mid-winter blues with some of our favorite Self-Care Sunday Tips for the whole family to enjoy! The are so many social and emotional benefits to setting aside some time to relax, unwind and take some time for YOURSELF! When you dedicate a day of the week (we love Sundays) it plants the seed for a healthy routine to look forward to every week. Building that self-care time into your week sets a wonderful example for the entire family. By prioritizing your mental and physical health, it sets a positive tone for the week ahead.

<< Scroll down for some of our favorite family Self-Care Sunday routines & see how you can earn a New Gardening Tool Badge >>

We love a little pampering on Sundays! This winter we treated ourselves to some fun, new self-care tools. These little ice globes have been popping up all over the internet so we thought we would test them out for ourselves.

Using ice globes on the face is essentially a DIY cryotherapy treatment. Pop these 'mini miracle maracas' in your freezer for about 15 minutes and then gently massage on your face. Their rounded tips make for a smooth massaging experience and their refreshingly icy nature help soothe and rejuveniate your skin. When it comes to 'chillin' out these are our first pick!

One of our other new favorites is a facial steamer (from Vanity Planet). This soothing and hydrating experience is wonderful for your skin and is extremely relaxing. We love to infuse a little essential oil into the process as well. Some of our favorites to add are lavender, geranium or eucalyptus.

Gardener Tip: this helps clears the pores from wearing a mask all week at school and/or work.

Gardener Anna loves her amethyst face roller! She keeps this one behind her bed and uses it when she needs to unwind. It is said that amethyst emits negative ions, and is believed to be the best crystal roller to help release negative energy and stress.

Facial rollers not only feel amazing, they can reduce puffiness, increase circulation, helps eliminate toxins and soothes the skin.

Gardener Tip: facial rollers also come in other gems like jade and rose quartz.

<< Scroll down for more of our favorite family Self-Care Sunday routines>>

Our Top 10 Self-Care Sunday Tips For The Whole Family:

  1. Take a walk

  2. Journal

  3. Have a tea party

  4. Read a book

  5. Doodle/Color

  6. Make a vision board

  7. Try a new recipe

  8. Listen to music

  9. Have a spa day at home

  10. Unplug...literary disconnect from all devices

Hey Gardeners...did you and your family indulge in some of our Self-Care Sunday tips? If so, then you just earned yourself the Self-Care Sunday Gardening Tool Badge!

What are some of your favorite ways to relax and unwind? We would love to hear from you! Send us an email to flowers@youareagardener.com.

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