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Updated: Jul 9, 2021

After a long 18 long months, we are officially back filming with our Illustrator/Videographer Kelsey Jordan from KGD Films. We are always talking about 'Weeds to Seeds' stories and the creation of Camp Hello GardenersĀ® is rooted in just that. Up until February of 2020 the gardeners and Kelsey were filming a new episode of Hello GardenersĀ® every 6-8 weeks. In efforts to keep spreading seeds, despite not being able to film together, we launched the spin off series Camp Hello GardenersĀ® in June 2020.

The idea for the series was inspired by all the incredibly talented gardener friends we have connected with over the years that have exceptional skills/tools to help empower children . By creating short clips filmed on mobile devices and the help of the extremely talented Kelsey Jordan, we were able to create an uplifting and bright 25-30 minute program where kids could learn new skills, play games and feel like they were actually at a camp right in their own living rooms. Some featured activities included: garden yoga, DIY activities, guided drawings, exercises, Qi Gong, music class, arts & crafts and more!

This brand new session of Camp Hello GardenersĀ® will be airing soon with lots of new additions, guest gardeners and more! Stay tuned to our 'Weeds to Seeds' Newsletter, @youareagardener on Instagram and our #PullYourWeedsĀ® Blog for more details!

If you have a special talent or an inspirational story and would like to be featured in an upcoming session, please email us at flowers@youaregardener.com.

If you are looking for uplifting, positive and empowering content for your kids...#StayTuned... a brand new #CampHelloGardeners is coming soon.


To catch up on the last 4 sessions of Camp Hello GardenersĀ®-Click Here!

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