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What's your plan?

As most of you know Social and Emotional Learning plans (SEL) are needed now more than ever in education and many progressive schools are introducing new ways to infuse SEL programs throughout the entire school day. Research indicates that students receiving quality SEL instruction demonstrated better academic performance, improved attitudes and behaviors, fewer discipline issues and reduced emotional distress. When children can manage their feelings and emotions, they are better equipped to handle the academic day.

According to Dr. Lisa R. Gleason our Assistant Commissioner Division of Academics and Performance at New Jersey Department of Education she states that, "we have to make sure our focus is on the social and emotional needs of the students and staff first, so they think of school as a safe place, before getting back to a new normal.

In efforts to get school the school year off to a bright start, Shanna Truffini and the #PullYourWeeds® team are now booking a variety of SEL school workshops, assemblies, in-services and pre-services intended for students, educators, and parents to further spread the seeds of emotional and social wellness.

Our #PullYourWeeds® Program embraces the power of the words flowers, weeds and seeds. This universal language helps create a new narrative for children to identify, communicate and manage their emotions through an empowering process to help them proceed confidently and calmly.

Throughout the past 3 years, Shanna has worked with school districts throughout NJ both virtually and in-person. Her #PullYourWeeds® workshops are an organic and simplified approach to SEL and infuses easily with pre-existing programs.

Shanna is now booking the following workshops for the 2021-2022 school year:

  • Student Workshops/Assemblies: Interactive SEL workshops featuring a book reading, mindful moments, grounding exercises, sensory activities and other SEL tools (in class or virtual)

  • Teacher Professional Development Workshops: Teacher in-service and pre-service workshops including resources for successful implementation of the program

  • Parent workshops: Provides parents and families communication tools and systems to use at home with key takeaways from the program

We encourage you to plant the seeds of social and emotional wellness for your students and take the next steps to book the #PullYourWeeds® Program for your school. To directly connect you with Shanna for a quick virtual tour of her programs, please send an email to

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