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You Are A Flower

Let's face it...we all have 'weeds'. As gardeners, it's always helpful to have a gardening toolkit full of 'gardening tools' to turn to when we need some help staying rooted. Today we are sharing a brand new gardening tool featuring a grounding exercise called 'You Are A Flower'.

The practice of grounding helps to bring ourselves back to the present moment when our negative feelings and uncomfortable emotions (our weeds) start taking over. These exercises can be extremely helpful when we are feeling overwhelmed, scared, stressed, or unfocused.

Scroll Down To Learn Our Easy Grounding Exercise 'You Are A Flower' & Download Your New Gardening Tool Badge!

Sometimes all we need is a positive distraction to help us get out of the 'weeds' and back to our 'flowers'. Grounding techniques like You Are a Flower can be a helpful to use at home and in the classroom. This exercise only takes a few minutes and is great for gardeners of all ages.


Close your eyes

Pretend your feet are your roots, keeping you firmly on the ground

Pretend your body is your stem, growing tall and strong

Pretend your arms are leaves, moving with the wind

Pretend you head is made up of petals, blooming beautiful colors and shapes

Take a minute to visualize all the parts of your flower and then open your eyes

Hey gardeners, did you give this grounding exercise a try? If so, then you just earned yourselves a 'You Are a Flower Gardening Tool Badge'!

Do you have any grounding techniques aka 'gardening tools' you would like to share? Email us at

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