You Are A Flower

Hello Gardeners! Today we are going to look at the practice of 'grounding' and give you a special technique to practice on your own. Let's take a step back - what is grounding? Grounding is most basically a way to bring you back to the present moment when you are feeling overwhelmed, scared, panicked, or unfocused. We all get these feelings - we are growing gardeners with complex gardens - but it helps to have tools and resources to turn to when you need help staying rooted.

In moments like this, all you need to remember is:


Close your eyes

Pretend your feet are your roots, keeping you firmly on the ground

Pretend your body is your stem, growing tall and strong

Pretend your arms are leaves, moving with the wind

Pretend you head is made up of petals, blooming beautiful colors and shapes

Take a minute to visualize all the parts of your flower and then open your eyes

Remember this beautiful Gerber Daisy from Season 1?

Sometimes all we need is a distraction - a distraction from our worries, our overactive imaginations, our jitters and nerves. Grounding techniques just like the one mentioned above can be amazing distractions. They just take a few minutes and you can open your eyes feeling rooted and having awareness of your body.

Give it a try! Do you have any grounding techniques you would like to share? Email or tag @youareagardener with your favorite tools to help you #StayRooted.

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