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two children holding the You Are a Gardener children's book

Welcome To The Blooming World Of You Are a Gardener®

What began as a children's book rooted in using gardening vocabulary as emotional metaphors, has blossomed into a thriving community that nurtures gardeners of all ages with healthy ways to tend to their emotions. As gardeners, we believe that when life gets challenging, we can learn to flourish by recognizing uncomfortable emotions, talking it out with trusted sources, and choosing healthy ‘gardening tools’ to stay calm and confident. You Are a Gardener® is more than a book and platform, it's an entire movement dedicated to cultivating a new crop of emotionally empowered gardeners that are rooted in kindness, resilience, empathy, inclusivity, confidence and love.

So, are you ready to dig in and start turning your weeds into seeds...

shanna truffini you are a gardener author and her kids

We are all gardeners...

We are all gardeners tending to the most beautiful gardens inside ourselves. Just like a garden, we have flowers that represent the joy and gratitude we feel, but we also have weeds that represent stress and uncomfortable emotions. However, as gardeners, we all have the ability to plant seeds that will help us learn from our experiences and choose healthy 'gardening tools' to cope with life's challenges, allowing us to keep on growing.


Gardeners know it can be easy to get caught up in the weeds of life, but it's important to remember that we always have the power to plant new seeds and nurture the flowers within us. By doing so, we can continue to cultivate a beautiful garden that brings us peace, gratitude and happiness.

So may we all continue to tend to our gardens, planting seeds of love, kindness, and personal growth, and pulling out the weeds of stress and negativity. This will help create a beautiful environment within ourselves, radiating positivity, resilience and light to those around us.


~Shanna Truffini, Author of You Are a Gardener®

 Creator of the #PullYourWeeds® & Weeds to Seeds™  Programs

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Shanna Truffini You Are a Gardener and SEL programs
Recent Reviews

“Inspiring, empowering and impactful are all words that come to mind when thinking of Shanna’s book and program. Her positive message is one that all of our k-5 students were able to relate to and grasp during her visit to our school. They left her k-5 program at our school feeling empowered to take control of their emotions, and learned several new tools that they can use to help manage their feelings. She was an absolute pleasure to work with - she was able to tailor her program to best fit our school’s vision and build upon our current social and emotional learning initiatives. I know her program left a lasting impact on our students and they will draw upon her positive message not only now, but into their adult lives as well.

~Ms. Kimberly Corvino

Riverview School, Denville, NJ

shanna truffini at riverview school in nj
NJ SEL School Program and Assembly

"Our school had a great visit from Gardener Shanna today! She read her book and taught us gardening tools to help us pull the weeds in our gardens so we can all grow like flowers! The message was simple, meaningful and both students and staff related well to the strategies. Teachers began using what we learned in their classrooms that very same day! The students loved the You Tube channel too! Thank you Gardener Shanna for reminding us we all have weeds and we all have gardening tools to use!" 

~Ms. Christine Laquidara

Principal, Hopewell Elementary

"So far today, the reception to your video has been great! I have been teaching it to classes all day, and they are so excited to meet you in person. One student asked me, "she is coming here in person? For real?!" and was very excited. So you're already a celebrity here at Copper Hill!"

~Rebecca M.

School Counselor, Copper Hill School Flemington, NJ

Shanna Truffini Author & SEL Advocate at Copper Hill School
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