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Learning a new language

No matter your culture, upbringing or background, the feelings of joy, anger, happiness, fear, hope and sadness are universal. Even though these words are translated differently in all languages, all human beings can relate to how they feel.

The You Are a Gardener® mindset is rooted in the power of 3 little, weeds and seeds:

-Flowers being our joyful feelings/thoughts/emotions.

-Weeds being our negative feelings/thoughts/emotions, and

-Seeds being the opportunity to positively learn and grow through every experience & encounter.

We believe at You Are a Gardener® that now more than ever there is an opportunity for humankind to come together and transcend the barriers that keep us divided. It's time to nurture a new language we all can relate to and benefit from. Learning a new language takes time, patience, motivation and consistency and this universal language of emotions is felt and experienced by all.

Let's work together as a universal society to recognize how important it is to identify negative emotions and encounters, to have the ability to communicate them with a trusted source and have the positive tools to help ourselves manage these emotions to keep us moving forward...together.

Change is one of the most natural processes in our world and everything evolves over time. Embracing the change of how we educate and empower our children with positive tools to help them move forward in this world confidently and calmly will occur over time. With repetition, patience and commitment to our younger generation we can help make their future calmer, closer, kinder and more inclusive than ever before.

Raising a new generation of emotionally resilient children starts with us.

So... who's ready to dig in and learn a new language?

Click Here --> For an Introductory to the You Are a Gardener® Mindset.

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