Make Your Mark(er)!

Updated: Mar 10

Hello Gardeners!

We are just on the cusp of Spring and with that comes a chance to restart and refresh. Spring has always been a symbol for new beginnings - we are just about to see the bare and brown environment explode into bright greens and yellows and pinks right before our very eyes.

For us gardeners the Spring can be a great time to set new goals and intentions and there's no better time to plant seeds to help those ideas blossom into reality.

To get us in the sunny, Spring spirit, we thought today would be a great day for a gardening craft! Get out your seed packets, find some seed starting containers, and let's get planting! If you need some seed starting containers, you can always reuse K-cups, egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, etc. Today we are making Garden Markers so that you can keep track of where you planted specific seeds. We've got three ways to make your markers - ranging from simple to ad