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Plant Some SEL Seeds This Fall In Your Classroom

Calling all teachers: Let us help you plant some positive SEL seeds this Fall and dig into a You Are a Gardener® | #PullYourWeeds® back to school theme for your classroom!

plant some sel seeds in your classroom this fall

As we all know, Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is an important aspect of education that helps students develop emotional intelligence, empathy, and communication skills. By incorporating a back-to-school SEL theme in your classroom, you can create a positive and supportive learning environment for your students.

To learn more about our student assemblies, our professional ONE-CLICK SEL for teachers, our family workshops and more ways for your school to dig into our SEL programs: Click Here & Let's Grow!

sel assembly for mental health elementary school

Here are some ideas to help you dig into a You Are a Gardener® | #PullYourWeeds®

SEL theme for your classroom this year with minimal materials:

sel ice breaker activity for students back to school

  • Start the year off with a 'My Flowers Are' icebreaker activity that encourages students to get to know each other and build connections & dig into the You Are a Gardener® mindset. Have your students write down their 'flowers' (the things that make you feel happy & joyful) on each of the petals. Click Here To Download The Sheet.

gardener theme morning meeting ideas and classrrom games sel

  • Incorporate some gardener themed SEL activities into your daily routine, such as during morning meetings or reflection time at the end of the day. Visit our #PullYourWeeds® Blog for inspiration and free activity sheets.

you are a gardener sel childrens book -kids mental health-for schools

sel tool for classroom -easy to set up -helpful for students

  • Create a #PullYourWeeds® flower pot in your classroom where students can feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings to help keep the line of communication open. Click Here to learn more:

classroom activities rooted in sel-fun for students, easy for teachers

  • Earn Gardening Tool Badges as a class. Explore activities & exercises techniques to help students manage their emotions and reduce stress to cultivate a calm & confident classroom decorum. Click Here To Start Today!

Plant Some SEL Seeds This Fall In Your Classroom: By implementing a back-to-school SEL theme, you can help your students develop the social and emotional skills they need to succeed in school and beyond. Let us help you and your students dig into the You Are a Gardener® mindset and plant the seeds for a successful school year!


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