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The Garden Cycle ♻️

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Just like all plants have a life cycle, so does the foundation of You Are a Gardener™ . The roots of all our programs encourage children to identify, communicate and manage uncomfortable emotions, feelings and thoughts, through a positive and empowering process.

Let's take a look at each of the different phases of the You Are a Gardener® "Garden Cycle":

✺ Pull Your Weeds: A lot can occur in a day that can make a child feel sad, scared, frustrated, mad...identifying these feelings and talking about them with someone they trust is what 'pull your weeds*' is all about. Getting young children to recognize the importance of talking frequently about negative feelings, thoughts and emotions is the very foundation of our program and the more they do it, the more comfortable they become with the process.

✺ Plant Your Seeds: Your seeds* are what you learn about yourself and others when you "pull your weeds". The positive conversations about how to manage these negative feelings, thoughts and emotions can be very empowering. It is through these conversations we can provide children with all sorts of tools and skills to help them proceed confidently and calmly. As gardeners we need many tools to help keep our gardens growing healthy and strong. Some frequent tools we use to 'garden': breathing exercises, music, arts & crafts, cooking, mindfulness techniques, taking a walk, getting fresh air, reading a book, focus on your flowers...)

✺ Enjoy The Flowers Along The Way: As gardeners we work hard to get our flowers* to grow and these positive feelings, thoughts and emotions inspire us to keep us moving forward and growing. These 'feel good' experiences are worthy of gratitude and appreciation. Flowers can also operate as a positive distraction for gardeners when they are struggling with a weed. By getting a child to think about and describe a happy thought or memory can help them get to a calmer state.

The flow of the You Are a Gardener® "Garden Cycle" encourages one to evolve and grow by learning from each stage of the process. Most of the programs we create at You Are a Gardener® are for children but the message is truly ageless. Keep pulling your weeds, planting your seeds and enjoying the flowers along the way...you are a gardener.

*Flowers: Happy thoughts, feelings and emotions. Weeds: Negative feelings, thoughts and emotions. Seeds: Positive conversations and actions taken to manage negative feelings, thoughts and emotions.


To learn more about the many social and emotional learning (SEL) programs created by Shanna Truffini--CLICK HERE!

In this quick 2 minute video, Shanna Truffini highlights the roots and foundation of her You Are a Gardener® children’s book and her #PullYourWeeds® Programs for children ages 4-11.

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"Weeds in a garden will come and will go...that's just a natural fact, but as gardeners when we see a weed...we've got to pull it out!" Shanna Truffini

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