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The Seeds That Sprouted🌱

Since You Are a Gardener® children's book was published in December of 2017, Shanna Truffini has developed several new social and emotional (SEL) programs to help empower children with tools and skills to help their gardens grow healthy and strong.

1. Hello Gardeners® & Camp Hello Gardeners Videos 📽

One of the first programs to sprout was the video series, Hello Gardeners®. This idea came from Shanna Truffini's daughter, Anna when she was only 8 years old. She had the idea to create a show where every episode Anna and her brother Aidan would help other children pull their weeds and turn them into seeds, plus feature a fun craft or mindfulness activity. They filmed their fist episode in their grandparent's greenhouse in the fall of 2018 along with the talents of videographer Kelsey DeLaney, who is also the illustrator of You Are a Gardener®. Since then they have filmed over 20 episodes and also created a spin off series this summer called Camp Hello Gardeners®


2. The You Are a Gardener® SEL Program for Educators 📝

As Shanna Truffini's family embraced the vocabulary and tools of the You Are a Gardener® mindset, her young children (then 6 and 8) asked Truffini to tell their teachers about 'flowers, weeds and seeds". This is what planted the idea to create a You Are a Gardener social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum for educators. Truffini consulted with her 'panel of experts' including a cognitive behavioral therapist, 4th grade teacher, student counselor, mindfulness instructor, wellness coach and a few others to help her create a powerful program that establishes a bright and positive classroom environment. Truffini will present her curriculum for teachers in-person or via zoom. The curriculum provides access to activities, exercises and materials for educators to use all year round. For more information and pricing send an email to


3. The #PullYourWeeds® SEL Workshops for Children Ages 4-11 📚

Connecting with children and spreading the You Are a Gardener seeds is something that Truffini is extremely passionate about. This particular program includes a reading of her You Are a Gardener™️ children’s book, an interactive SEL workshop and fun (downloadable) prizes for students. The workshop runs about 30-35 minutes and Shanna can attend in-person or virtually join a classroom or organization. Click here for a quick video highlighting this program for your school, family or group.

To book now and get a quote for your class/school please send an email to


4. The #PullYourWeeds® Blog 💻

The evolution of the #PullYourWeeds® Blog started in February of 2019. Truffini's intention was to create a virtual destination for families and educators to learn more about the values of adapting positive Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills and tools for children. The blog features 2-3 new posts a week all rooted in empowering children with tools to hep their gardens grow healthy and strong-it features crafts, healthy recipes, inspirational stories, free resources, mindfulness activities, videos and more! Click here to Read More.


6. Weeds to Seeds Newsletter 🌱

In the fall of 2020 Truffini created a weekly "Weeds to Seeds' e-newsletter that is delivered to your inbox every Friday. Each week the email features hopeful and helpful content all rooted in empowering teachers, families and children with gardening tools to help manage stress and big emotions through an empowering process.

To get on our list, please contact us at


7. Spreading Seeds 🎙

To learn more about Shanna Truffini and the You Are a Gardener® + #PullYourWeeds® Programs- Click Here to listen to her featured on podcasts, iheart radio and local tv interviews.

To book Shanna Truffini as a speaker for your next event please email all inquiries to

For booking information please email


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