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The Shift Is Real

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

The common thread in some recent conversations we have had with school counselors, teachers and parents is, there has been a major shift in stressors for kids this school year. Counselors are experiencing higher volumes in their offices, teachers have observed some students are not as calm and some parents are concerned for their children's mental well-being. The negative feelings, encounters and emotions for children are increasing and there is such a need to help them see the brighter side of this school year.

We talk a lot about the importance of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) on our platform and how beneficial it is in the classroom and at home. Positive and powerful SEL programs are needed now more than ever! Empathy, inclusion, self-compassion, self-confidence and kindness need to take root, not stress, not fear, not sadness.

We are here to help! Getting out there and planting the seeds to help children feel confident and calm is at the very root of everything we create. Whether you are a teacher, a parent, a counselor or guardian, here is what you can do TODAY to start planting these seeds.

  1. Introduce your kids/students to the You Are a Gardener® vocabulary & mindset and help them embrace the power of the words, flowers, weeds and seeds! <CLICK HERE>

  2. Schedule a #PullYourWeeds® SEL Workshop with Author/Creator Shanna Truffini for your class or at home. <CLICK HERE>

  3. Read our #PullYourWeeds® Blog and get access to activities, exercises and inspirational stories all rooted in creating helpful and hopeful content! <CLICK HERE>

  4. Watch our kid-friendly Hello Gardeners® and Camp Hello Gardeners® video series so your kids can see and experience the power of the program. This is a great resource to use in school and at home! <CLICK HERE>

  5. Email us! We would love to provide you with any resources, and information we have that will help empower kids with skills and tools to help them deal with stress and big emotions!

  6. Order a signed copy of our children's book, You Are a Gardener® for a gentle and organic introduction to what it means to pull your weeds, plant your seeds and enjoy the flowers along the way! <CLICK HERE>

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