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The Sweetest Episode Ever 🍪

Today we are flashing back to the sweetest episode of Hello Gardeners®

that aired in February of 2020. In this episode Gardener Anna & Gardener Aidan help 8 year old Max with his fear of public speaking, they meet up with Gardener Anne from @rebeldaughtercookies and have some extra sweet surprises along the way 🍪 Watch Now!

Hello Gardeners® is a grass roots, self-funded video series created to help empower kids with tools to help their gardens grow healthy and strong. Social and emotional development for children is needed now more than ever. Our Hello Gardeners® video series is a beautiful introduction for kids to start learning how to identify, communicate and manage their emotions in a positive and productive way!

To learn more about Anne Grossman of Rebel Daughter Cookies® CLICK HERE!



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