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What Is Mindfulness

What Is Mindfulness : The Benefits of Being Mindful for Gardeners Emotional Well-Being : Simply put, mindfulness is the practice of being present in the moment, without focusing on past or future thoughts. It's about acknowledging our emotions, thoughts, and physical sensations while being aware of our surroundings. A helpful and easy way to practice mindfulness is to pause and engage our senses. It helps to draw our attention to the present moment and bring awareness to our current surroundings.

Introducing a mindfulness activity sheet can be useful both at home and in school for kids of all ages. Mindfulness activities have been proven to be an effective tool for promoting emotional and mental wellbeing in children. Incorporating mindfulness activity sheets into a child's routine can be a simple and effective way to plant seeds for daily practices. Today we are sharing a helpful 'What Is Mindfulness' SEL Activity Sheet to use at home or in school for gardeners of all ages.

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free printable mindfulness activity sheet for kids


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Whether it's at home or in school, giving kids the tools to manage their thoughts and feelings can set them up for success both academically and in other areas of their lives.

Here are some reasons why introducing mindfulness activities can be useful both at home and in school for kids of all ages:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety: Mindfulness practices, such as deep breathing and meditation, help kids to be more present in the moment and to focus on their thoughts and feelings. This can help gardeners to feel more calm and less anxious (weeds to seeds)!

  • Improves concentration: Mindfulness activities require children to focus their attention on the present moment and to tune out distractions. This can help to improve their concentration and focus, which can be beneficial both academically and in other areas of their lives.

  • Enhances social and emotional skills: Mindfulness practices can help children to develop self-awareness, empathy, and compassion. This can improve their ability to communicate and connect with others (pull your weeds), which can be especially valuable in school and in social situations.

  • Promotes better sleep: Mindfulness practices can help children to relax and to release tension, which can lead to better sleep at night. This can help them to feel more rested and refreshed in the morning, which can improve their overall mood and energy levels.

  • Develops resilience: Mindfulness practices can help children to develop resilience and to cope better with challenges and setbacks (weeds). This can improve their ability to bounce back from difficult situations and to persevere in the face of adversity (weeds to seeds).

Practicing mindfulness can significantly improve a gardeners emotional health and well-being at any age. When we are mindful, we become better equipped to manage our emotions, rather than our thoughts trying to take control. This can help us to respond to situations in a more considered and thoughtful manner, rather than reacting impulsively.

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Mindfulness can also help reduce stress, anxiety and depression, as it encourages a greater sense of calm and self-awareness. Practicing mindfulness can lead to more positive relationships, as it helps gardeners to be more present and attentive when interacting with others. Incorporating mindfulness into our daily routines can have a profound impact on our emotional well-being and quality of life.

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Hey gardeners, did you do our What is Mindfulness Activity Sheet? If so, congratulations, you just earned yourself the 'What Is mindfulness 'Gardening Tool Badge'!

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What Is Mindfulness: Discover the power of mindfulness for children's emotional well-being. Learn how to practice mindfulness and download a free activity sheet. Start today!


You Are a Gardener® goes beyond the pages of a children's book, it is an entire movement dedicated to empowering children at home and in school with a vocabulary, mindset and tools to manage stress and big emotions. Join our community and embrace the power of turning challenges into opportunities for growth through connecting children, families and educators with a shared emotional language. Through our inspiring #PullYourWeeds® initiative, we encourage children and adults alike to identify emotional obstacles and transform them into seeds of resilience, strength, and personal development.


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