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What is Social Emotional Learning (SEL) & Why It's Needed Now More Than Ever...

All kids have stress, that's just a natural fact but these days that seems to be on the rise. With the uncertainty of what back to school looks like, things feeling out of control and familiar routines being disrupted, young kids have more emotional weight to carry than usual. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process in which children and adults learn skills /tools to effectively identify, communicate and manage their emotions in a positive way. This empowers one with responsible decision making, empathy awareness, positive relationships, strong communication skills, goal setting/achieving, self appreciation, self awareness and so much more. In times of stress and uncertainty one can never have enough SEL skills/tools.

Educating and empowering children with strong SEL roots can be easy and much that they may not even be aware of the long term positive benefits they are acquiring. The more tools they have in their 'emotional toolbox' the more prepared they will be when they encounter uncomfortable feelings and big emotions. Examples of SEL activities include: yoga, cooking, music, art, meditation, games, sensory play and more.

Each session of Camp Hello Gardeners® features 10+ activities all rooted in SEL practices and delivered in a fun, bright and uplifting 30 minute video series. Click Here to Learn More!

The lifetime benefits of social and emotional learning are immeasurable. Giving our children the gift of knowing they have the power to control the way the feel and the tools to help them get there can lead to a much brighter tomorrow. According to research a consistent approach to SEL at home and in the classroom offers the following: academic success, fewer behavioral problems, positive social relationships, stronger problem solving skills and overall feeling of self confidence.

Our gardening team is here to help you implement fun and easy social/emotional learning skills at home:


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