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You Can Be a Kind Gardener & Still...Self-Care and Self-Respect Go Hand in Hand

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You Can Be a Kind Gardener & Still...Self-Care and Self-Respect Go Hand in Hand

As gardeners, at times we be our own worst critics. We may look at our gardens and see only the imperfections and weeds, rather than focusing on the beauty that we have created and nurtured.

It's important that we recognize when we have this negative self-talk and take steps to be kinder to ourselves.

When we are kind to ourselves, we are more likely to be kind to others as well. By showing ourselves love and care, we can share these positive qualities with other gardeners and promote a culture of kindness and empathy.

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Remember gardeners, you can be a kind gardener and still...

-Disagree with someone.

-Say no to an invitation or cancel plans.

-Make a mistake.

-Set boundaries for yourself.

-Be upset or in a bad mood.

-Stick up for yourself.

Being kind to ourselves is at the very root of self-respect and self-care. When we prioritize our own needs and take care of ourselves, we are showing ourselves respect. This gardeners, can help us feel more confident and empowered when we interact with others.


positive self talk activity for school

Click here for our Positive Self-Talk Activity Sheet to use at home with your family or in school with your students and to collect your Gardening Tool Badge for this activity!


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You Can Be a Kind Gardener & Still...

Self-Care and Self-Respect Go Hand in Hand


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