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5 Ways To Start Gardening Today

Are you ready to introduce the You Are a Gardener®

vocabulary and mindset into your home or classroom?

Check out our 5 Easy Ways you and your kids can start gardening today!

#1-Get The Book

The You Are a Gardener® children's book is a wonderful way to introduce the 'gardening' vocabulary and mindset into your home, group or classroom. The book features beautiful illustrations done with watercolors on paper. The fox, aka Foxie seen throughout the book and all our branding was inspired by the Truffini's family cat named Mr. Fox.

Get a Signed Copy of You Are a Gardener® Today...Click Here

#2-Download The Garden Cycle

Just like all plants have a life cycle, so does the foundation of You Are a Gardener™ . The roots of all our programs encourage children to identify, communicate and manage uncomfortable emotions, feelings and thoughts, through a positive and empowering process. Introduce the vocabulary and mindset to your kids today!

Click Here to Read More & Download a free PDF version of the Garden Cycle for your home or classroom.

#3-Read The #PullYourWeeds® Blog

Every week we create 3-5 new posts all rooted in empowering children, families and educators with 'gardening tools' and free resources to help their gardens grow healthy and strong!

Featuring crafts, kid-friendly recipes, inspirational stories, mindfulness activities and more!

Click Here to See What We Just Posted On The #PullYourWeeds®Blog!

#4-Sign Up For Our Weeds to Seeds Newsletter

Every week we send out one newsletter to your inbox- full of helpful, hopeful and joyful content all rooted in empowering children, families and educators with tools, resources and information to keep the You Are a Gardener® mindset thriving!

Click Here to Sign Up For Our Weeds to Seeds Newsletter Today!

#5-Watch Our Hello Gardeners® &

Camp Hello Gardeners® Videos

Kids will love our Hello Gardeners® and Camp Hello Gardeners® video series! These fun filled video sessions show 'gardeners' of all ages using the vocabulary and gardening tools in real life.

If you or your child has a special skill, talent or inspirational story and would like to be featured in an upcoming video please email

Click Here To Watch Our Videos Now!

For more information about any of our programs, virtual SEL workshops or to join our gardening team please send an email to!


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