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Make Everyday a Yay Day

How often do we hear, "I can't wait for the weekend, TGIF, or it's FriYay"...why do we have to wait until the week is over to put the 'yay' in the day? Teaching young kids to find the joy in every single day shows them that you don't have to wait for the weekends to be happy, have fun and enjoy today. In this #PullYourWeeds blog post we have put together our TOP 10 ways to help you and your family find the 'Yay' in everyday, with the added bonus of nurturing your kids social and emotional learning (SEL) skills.

Scroll Down To Read Our Top 10 Ways To Add Some Yay To Your Day!

#1 Have A Costume Party

Let's face it, we all love to play dress up every now and then, but did you know there are a lot of social and emotional benefits too! Dressing up in costumes requires one to use their imagination, it encourages role play and helps gain confidence.

(Click Photo- Paper Flower Chains)

#2 Do Some Crafts

Art projects are not only fun but they encourage kids to be creative. When doing arts & crafts together it helps keep everyone on the same task and appreciate each other's artistic difference.

#3 Play A Board Game

It's all fun and games with the added bonus of practicing self-control, sportsmanship, and positive decision making.

(Click Photo- Spring Bake Off)

#4 Have A Bake Off

Who doesn't love a baking championship? Baking has been found to have therapeutic values which helps to ease stress and anxiety. It is a creative and meditative process that stimulates the senses with rewarding/tasty results.

#5 Do A Scavenger Hunt

Eye spy a tons of fun, responsible decision making, positive problem solving skills and teamwork building!

(Click Photo For Recipe)

#6 Make Breakfast For Dinner

Kids love an unexpected twist when it comes to mealtime. Making breakfast for dinner is not only fun, but there are so many nutritious breakfast recipes that are super to easy to make.

#7 Set Up A Picnic

Picnics can be a great way to promote healthy eating habits, enjoy the outdoors, and spend some time together. Plus, making the food and packing the basket gets everyone involved and builds excitement. If you are looking for a fun, kid friendly snack...CLICK HERE!

#8 Have A Dance Party

"I feel better when I'm dancing"...literally dancing is one of the purest forms of expressing joy and happiness. It is also a fun and unexpected workout! Be sure to make sure everyone's musical taste are included!

(Click The Photo To Start Watching)

#9 Do A Midweek Movie Night

Surprise your kids with a family approved flick, cozy blankets and popcorn! The brain chemicals released when snuggling are linked to health benefits for parents and children alike!

#10 Watch Camp Hello Gardeners®

If you are looking for some fun, positive screen time for you and your kids to enjoy, turn on an episode or four of Camp Hello Gardener® and bonus points for doing all the activities featured in each session!

To help you and your kids put a little ‘yay’ into everyday we made a printer friendly version of our

’Make Everyday A Yay Day’ checklist for you to hang on the fridge, on a corkboard or save in your files!

Happy Day,



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Camp Hello Gardeners® will help put the Yay in everyday! Click the Photo To WATCH NOW!

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