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Meet #GardenerJulia AKA The Petite Fastinista

Hello Gardeners!

You've seen her featured in Hello Gardeners, on our blog post Get Moving, and now on Camp Hello Gardeners - meet, Julia Hickman AKA The Petite Fastinista! Julia has made it her mission to help busy women stay motivated and inspired to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Julia recently interviewed our author, Shanna Truffini, alongside #GardenerAnna and #GardenerAidan. We talked about the origins of You Are A Gardener and how to deal with stress and anxiety in this new and uncertain reality. Check out The Petite Fastinista's Facebook page to see more interviews with female entrepreneurs working to make the world a little bit brighter.

Watch our interview below 👇👇

For motivational content, follow @thepetitefastinista

There is still time to enroll your gardeners in Camp Hello Gardeners! Whether you want to sign up for 1 session or all 4, we are here for you!

Thank you Gardener Julia for inspiring us to get moving!


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