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Time To Celebrate 🎉

We are so grateful for all the opportunities we were presented with this year that inspired us to grow our programs and connect with gardener friends from all across the country!

From in-school programs in early 2020 to creating Camp Hello Gardeners®, virtual book readings, creating new crafts, recipes & tools for our #PullYourWeeds blog, Zoom interviews and growing stronger roots for all of our programs.

We can't wait to see where it all 'grows' in 2021!

Here are some of our favorite moments from 2020!

Happy New Year 🎉

- Visiting St. Catherine of Sienna School in Cedar Grove and presenting the you Are a Gardener SEL program to their teachers and students!

-Making the sweetest episode ever of Hello Gardeners with Anne from Rebel Daughter Cookies and our very own Gardener Kelsey.

-It was so much fun spreading seeds all the way in Utah on the Stress Nanny podcast with Lindsay Miller.

-Being safe at home this Spring inspired so many fun crafts, recipes and tools to add to our #PullYourWeeds Blog.

-Not being able to film Hello Gardeners this spring inspired us to create Camp Hello Gardeners with our videographer and creative side kick, Kelsey Jordan. We connected with so many talented friends and our extremely grateful for all of their contributions.

-Virtual connections opened our doors to many opportunities such as being a guest speaker for the women's group BIG of Morristown.

-It was so fun to be back 'virtually' on the iHeart radio series Passage to Profits .

-It was so good to reconnect with Maria Falzo and be interviewed on HipNJ.

-We are extremely grateful for Gardener Devin and all the fun and creative content she creates for the #PullYourWeeds Blog.

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