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Conflict Resolution

Hello Gardeners!

We have recently launched Season 2 of our web series, Hello Gardeners. To catch up and see what we’ve been doing in the greenhouse, click the image below!

With school starting up again, we are introduced to new teachers, new classmates, new schedules, and sometimes new schools! When new people are put into new places, that can lead to new conflicts. Because we are all unique people with differing goals and opinions, conflict is bound to arise in any situation involving more than one person. Managing conflicts in a healthy way not only provides us with the opportunity to learn and grow, but strengthens the bond between the people involved.

#GardenerAnna & #GardenerAidan practice some of these techniques while filming Hello Gardeners! All of us with siblings know it's not always easy to be patient and calm while working with them. These two handle it like pros by taking turns and compromising!


Here are some tips to resolving conflict in the classroom, on the playground, at home, or at practice!


Keep calm

It’s best to approach resolving conflict with a calm demeanor. When we approach a conflict feeling annoyed, impatient, or angry, we can actually do more harm than good!


Ignore the bad behavior and walk away