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Top 10 Summer Gardening Tools

Updated: May 24

Happy almost summer gardeners! With the shift in structure from school to summer, staying active and engaged can sometimes be a challenge for gardeners of all ages. Today we are celebrating summer with our favorite Top 10 Gardening Tools to help you beat the heat and dig into some screen free fun!

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You Are a Gardener's Top 10 Summer Gardening Tools

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#1 DIY Colored Scented Bubbles

(stress relieving & outdoor fun)

#2 Sidewalk Chalk Games

(Humongous Hopscotch, Tic-Tac-Toe, Chalk Paint & More)

#3 Fruity Frozen Yogurt Bark

(a super sweet & simple treat to beat the heat)

#4 DIY Bird Feeders

(give your birdies a sweet summer 'tweet')

#5 Squirt Gun Art

(make a splash with this super fun craft)

#6 Tie Dye Flowers

(have a groovy summer gardeners)

#7 Make Your Own Quickles

(give your taste buds a treat with this sweet and sour recipe)

#8 Hammered Flower Prints

(capture summer on a handmade print)

#9 Vision Boards (For A Rainy Day)

(we see a happy summer in your future)

#10 Self-Care Sunday

(a little self-love goes a long way... all year long)

We wish all our gardener friends a super flowery summer! Stay tuned to our #PullYourWeeds® Blog for new crafts, recipes and activities- every single week!

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