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  • Self-Talk Word Swap

    Small daily changes can make a significant impact on our self-talk and overall mental health. Today we are sharing a Self-Talk Word Swap Printable for you to print out for your home, classroom or Hey gardeners, did you print out and go over our Self-Talk Word Swap Sheets? Cultivate confidence and calm with our Self-Talk Word Swap Printable! Transform negative self-talk into positive affirmations for a resilient mindset.

  • Positive Self-Talk Activity Sheet

    Encouraging positive self-talk can help children and adults alike to build confidence, boost self-esteem Self-Talk Activity Sheets. Model positive self-talk by using it yourself. Positive Self- Talk In School: Teachers can incorporate positive self-talk into their lessons by encouraging Check out or Self-Talk Word Swap activity-Click Here!

  • Plant the Seeds of Self-Love with Self-Love Flashcards

    Self-love flashcards are an enjoyable 'gardening tool' to promote self-love both at home and in school Self-love flashcards are a versatile gardening tool that can be used in various settings to foster self-love Reading the flashcards aloud helps reinforce positive self-talk and affirmations. This exercise can boost self-confidence, improve self-esteem, and cultivate a more positive self-image Self-love and positive affirmations can help calm the mind and give your self-confidence a boost. <<

  • You Can Be a Kind Gardener & Still...Self-Care and Self-Respect Go Hand in Hand

    You Can Be a Kind Gardener & Still...Self-Care and Self-Respect Go Hand in Hand As gardeners, at times It's important that we recognize when we have this negative self-talk and take steps to be kinder to Being kind to ourselves is at the very root of self-respect and self-care. Click here for our Positive Self-Talk Activity Sheet to use at home with your family or in school with Self-Care and Self-Respect Go Hand in Hand

  • Gardener’s Self-Love /Self-Healing Challenge

    Join our Gardener’s Self-Love /Self-Healing Challenge to cultivate emotional growth and healing. Taking the time to dig into self-love to help nurture emotional self-healing can be a very powerful process By prioritizing self-love and self-healing, we can cultivate a deeper sense of inner peace, resilience Today, we are excited to introduce a Gardener’s Self-Love /Self-Healing Challenge that gardeners of all Self-love is at the root of all emotional self-healing, positive change and personal growth.

  • The Golden Hour Of Self-Reflection

    Self-reflection is the process of looking inward and examining our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Self-reflection activities can be an excellent way to gain insight into ourselves and our lives. ~Shanna Truffini Self-reflection is a powerful tool for personal and emotional development. Hey gardeners, did you do Self-Reflection activities? Uncover the golden hour of self-discovery and inner understanding.

  • Spreading Seeds of Self-Care™

    Taking time out of a busy day for self-care is essential for gardeners of all ages for maintaining both of balance and self-care. PRINT OUR SPREADING SEEDS OF SELF-CARE™ ACTIVITY KIT WITH FREE SEL PRINTABLES Hey gardeners, did you spread some seeds of self-care or do our Spreading Seeds of Self-Care activity sheets? Discover the power of 'Spreading Seeds of Self-Care™.

  • We LOVE Self-Care Sunday 💕

    Self-Care Sunday is all about taking time for yourself to indulge in something just for you that helps We LOVE Self-Care Sunday 💕 << Scroll down for some of our favorite family Self-Care Sunday routines Last winter we treated ourselves to some fun, new self-care tools. Sunday routines>> Our Top 10 Self-Care Sunday Tips For The Whole Family: Take a walk Journal Have a If so, then you just earned yourself the Self-Care Sunday Gardening Tool Badge!

  • Note to Self: Just Breathe

    Hello Gardeners! Taking deep breaths is the key to connecting your body with your mind. When you focus on your breathing you are taking your mind off your thoughts. When life gets busy, it's important to stop and take a breathing break. It's been a minute since we shared a breathing exercise, so today on the blog - in true #PullYourWeeds fashion - we have a flower themed breathing technique that is sure to help you slow down your thoughts and embrace the present moment. According to the University of Michigan's Health Department, "Deep breathing is one of the best ways to lower stress in the body. This is because when you breathe deeply, it sends a message to your brain to calm down and relax. The brain then sends this message to your body. Those things that happen when you are stressed, such as increased heart rate, fast breathing, and high blood pressure, all decrease as you breathe deeply to relax." For #PetalBreathing, find yourself a medium or large flower and hold it in your hand. With your pointer finger on your other hand, point to the base of one petal and slowly trace the petal up towards the tip - inhaling as you go. Pause at the tip of the petal, and then use your pointer finger to trace back down the petal, exhaling until you reach the center of the flower. If you don't have a flower available to you, feel free to use your hand - and trace up and down your fingers - or print out a picture of a flower (like this one below)! Hoping all of you gardeners out there are taking care of yourselves! Remember to breathe, make time for relaxation, and keep pulling your weeds! #StayOnTheBrightSide

  • Practicing Self-Regulation

    For example, when you find yourself stressed and have some 'weeds' popping up, try taking a walk, doing That's why today in this #PullYourWeeds Blog post we are making "Self-Regulation Flower Pinwheels" which write some enjoyable activities or techniques that help disrupt negative feelings and emotions - take a walk , read a book, listen to music, drink cold water, do a craft, talk to someone you trust, 5 minutes of This craft is a wonderful example of how to incorporate SEL art projects into your classroom and at home

  • The Reflective Self-Portrait

    🌱🌺 Hello Gardeners 🌺🌱 Self-portraits can reveal so much about how we see ourselves. Assign your students the task of drawing their self-portrait. These self-portraits are not for grading, but review them! Repeat this activity and see how your students' confidence, self-awareness, and outlook shift throughout

  • Teacher Self-Care

    Take 5 minutes to meditate in the morning or before school, run for 10 minutes, walk to work - every These are just a handful of the many self-care activities you can do to relieve stress, maintain positive

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